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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we often hear, about how we raise our Labrador Retriever pups. If you have more questions feel free to contact us: here.

Who provides veterinary care for our animals?

Our overall goal is to ensure that our Labs receive top-notch care from birth through adulthood. We begin this process with our expectant mothers so that each puppy gets off to a good start and is able to provide lifetime companionship to their future owners.

Bedford Animal Hospital is our longstanding, local partner in this endeavor. We encourage you to visit their website: or even call them to ask about the detailed approach we take caring for our Labradors.

As a community-friendly group of licensed professionals, we rely on their advice and guidance regarding vaccinations, breeding, whelping, puppy care, and proactive health screenings.

We believe that responsible breeders benefit by working alongside licensed veterinarians who can provide an extra level of protection and accountability.

What dietary principles do we follow for our Labrador Retrievers?

We recognize that proper nutrition positively impacts the health of each of our Labrador Retrievers and so take extra efforts to ensure that our Labs and their offspring are only fed the very best quality diet. We cannot understand why anyone would choose to feed pets lower quality food which compromises the immune system and overall longevity.

Our researched choice for regular food is: Kirkland Signature “Nature’s Domain Beef Meal and Sweet Potato” variety. This is a non-grain, full life-stage offering designed to provide canines with the necessary protein (24%), fat (14%), and fiber (5.5%) to energize and enrich their bone and muscle structure.

Puppies are started on Kirkland Signature “Nature’s Domain Puppy Formula Chicken and Pea” variety which is specifically formulated for young puppies. It too is a non-grain, non-filler recipe with smaller kibble size and added probiotics designed to promote intestinal health. We use this variety to help them get off to a good growing start. Since these supplementary ingredients are also beneficial to expectant and nursing mothers, we provide this to Rosie and Nellie during pregnancy as well.


What size will puppies be when fully mature?

Our Labradors are considered mid-sized English breed standard.

Each parent is roughly 60 lbs. and mature offspring should be expected to grow to the range of 55 – 65 lbs. However, it is worth noting that well over 50% of pets in American homes are considered to be obese due to improper owner feeding habits!


Why do we screen prospective buyers and take deposits on upcoming litters?

Raising healthy puppies for families and individuals is an undertaking we take very seriously. We reserve the right to deny adoption to anyone for the protection of each puppy. During introductory calls we ask questions to understand the motivation of each potential buyer.

We realize that our litters command higher prices than some other options including pet stores which “sell” to anyone willing to pay. In part, even this visible investment helps us identify an individual’s attitude to caring for a champion Labrador and the basis on which future care decisions will be made.