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Happy Families

Thank you all so much, Caleb!!  We enjoyed meeting you guys so much.  And Gus is wonderful!  Hope to see you all again soon.  We'll be sending pictures.
- Emily (Arlington)


She's a wonderful dog.  I have had a lot of people ask me where she came from.  They can't believe someone your age has taken breeding so seriously and done such a great job.  
- Sonny (Bealeton)


We are very happy with her, she is doing great.  Extremely intelligent and obedient.  Very loving, great with little kids.  Also, I have trained her and been careful with her, she has never attacked a chicken, turkey, or duck.  Again, we couldn't be more pleased with her.
-Rodney (Thaxton)


Just a few more pictures of Lucy, she's over 60 lbs. now, can sit, stay, lay down, fetch, find-it and heel.  So sweet!
-Beth (Loudon)