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Virginia is a wonderful place to explore and I try to take the opportunity every chance I get.  Usually I stick within a day’s drive and take a brother or sister along for the adventure.  Bandit, Nellie, and Rosie all love spending time on the trails. We have improved and maintain several miles of hiking loops on our property, but the dogs enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people (and their furry companions) as we travel to new spots!

Over the past couple years I’ve taken my Labradors on the following excursions and I am happy to share them with you as recommendations:

  • Sharp Top Mountain
  • MacAfee’s Knob
  • Carvin’s Cove
  • Cascade Falls
  • Devil’s Marbleyard
  • The Peaks of Otter
  • Montvale Park
  • Tinker Cliffs
  • Little House Mountain
  • Big House Mountain
  • Torry Ridge
  • Appletree Falls
  • Sherando Lake
  • Bearwallow Gap
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Various sections of the Appalachian Trail

I’m sharing a few photos here to highlight these experiences.  If you’d like to ask me about a specific spot or have any questions I can answer, just let me know.  If you have a photo to share of one of our pups now grown and tackling new heights, I’d love to see it.  Drop me a line using the Contact page.


Caleb hiking Torry Ridge 2020