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We are now taking deposits from families seeking a medium-sized addition to their homes in September.  The colors contained in Lucy and Bandit’s July Labradoodle litter are yellow, black, and chocolate.  The genders are evenly split.  Our Labradoodles are currently serving families across the Mid-Atlantic and we are proud of the positive responses we regularly receive from them.

Those wishing to reserve a puppy at this time may do so by reaching out directly through our contact page.  We’ll arrange a phone conversation to ensure good fit and answer all questions.  The deposit will be $500 and we are scheduling future pick-up dates now.  If you would like to discuss the benefits Labradoodles might offer and would prefer choosing an available puppy this week (rather than being placed on a waiting list for later), now is your chance to consider the option.  As always, there is no pressure on our end.  We take pride in helping people make the best, healthiest choice for their personal situation.