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Some of our Labrador Retriever customers have been asking whether we would ever consider raising Labradoodles with the hope of raising a Lab with the benefit of reduced shedding.  The pet therapy organizations which with we work have been especially encouraging us to consider this option over the past few years.

Consequently, we allowed a wonderful standard-sized poodle named Lucy to join our family and she whelped her first litter of Labradoodles in 2020.  She and Bandit produced puppies of varying colors.  All were quickly adopted out to families who appreciated the Lab build of father Bandit, yet also benefitted from Lucy’s wavy coat.

Last year’s families are reporting these Labradoodles are water-lovers, demonstrate amazing intellect, and have been a joy to raise with kids in the home.  Since these are first-generation Labradoodles, their overall build is most similar to a Labrador Retriever.

Our current Labradoodle litter from Bandit and Lucy contains one light colored puppy (already reserved) and seven featuring chocolate coats.  If you are interested in learning more about this breed or wish to add one to your home in March – please reach out to us right away.   This is a special opportunity to take home a Mountain View Champion without being placed on our typical Labrador Retriever wait list.